Weather or Not


Meta 2 (Augmented Reality)

My Role:

Game Designer, Artist


Conor Triplett (Artist, Game Designer)

Tina Han (Producer, Programmer, Game Designer)

Hongzhu Zhao (Programmer, Game Designer)

Amber Zheng (Sound Designer, Game Designer)


The prompt for this project was to create an experience for a "naive guest". In other words, the guest wasn't allowed to know anything about the game before playing, and the game couldn't give any direct instructions on what to do. 

In this game, you play as a weather god overlooking a small tropical island. Using your powers of rain and lightning, you must help the islanders by watering crops, putting out fires, and more.




Welcome to Cumulo Island!

Cumulo Island has run into a lot of hardship recently, with drought, pirate attacks, and even volcano eruptions. Will they every catch a break?


The Weather God

Using their hands to control clouds, the guest can rain and lightning all over the island. Rain, in this case, can be used to water and grow crops.


Bothering the Locals

As everyone knows, rain isn't always a good thing. Here, we see a guest raining onto the islanders. Luckily, they brought their umbrellas today.


Putting Out Fires

Who needs a fire department when you've got the power of rain in your hands? The local islanders have nothing to fear with the weather god on their side.


Pirate Invasion

As the weather god, putting your hands together creates lightning. This comes in handy when facing off against invading pirates!

Close Project

The Volcano Erupts!

There's just no break for these poor islanders, is there? After pirates, fires, and droughts, the only thing left to fear is a volcano eruption!