Theme Sparks


Board Game

My Role:

Game Designer, Artist, Playtester


Solo Project


Theme Sparks is an idea I had for a board game based on classic computer games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon. My favorite part of those games was creating cool parks with interesting layouts and themes, rather than focusing on the operations of the park. There are a few board games out there at the moment that focus on theme park operations, so I wanted to make one that was based more on building the park itself.

This game, which is currently in playtesting, allows between two and five players to build their own unique land within a theme park. Players must balance between building rides & shows (to add popularity to their park) and shops & restuarants (to create income).



Welcome to the Park!

The board is split into six sections - one for each player (if playing with 5 players) plus one shared land for everyone that includes the walkway to the hub of the park.


Player Resources

To build a successful land, players must balance popularity with spending opportunities. Alongside that, they must hire the right people to get the job done.


Themed Lands

Each player takes a different themed land. Each land has its own unique attractions and style.


BYORC (Build Your Own Roller Coaster)

I'm takinga look at a few ways to allow players to build their own roller coasters. That's always fun!