Fright Switch



My Role:

Game Designer, 3D Artist


Joey Yeo (Game Designer, 2D Artist)

Chance Lytle (Game Designer, Programmer)

Parker Ramsey (Game Designer, Programmer)


This game was designed in less than 48 hours for the 2019 Global Game Jam in Pittsburgh.  Our theme was "What does home mean to you?".  It's a tough question, and we spent a long time discussing, but we even settled on an idea we all liked.

In Fright Switch, you play as a young girl who's afraid of the dark.  We all remembered the fear of having to turn out the lights and run up the stairs from the basement as kids, so the idea was based on that.  Everyday objects like chairs & plants can look scary in the dark, so as long as you avoid those before reaching the light, you'll be safe!  Make it to your parents' bedroom before you get too scared!




In The Dark

Things always look a lot scarier in the dark. Be sure to reach the lamp as soon as you can!


That's Better

Things don't seem so scary once the lights are on! Time to head to the next room.


Don't Look Behind You!

Is the floor falling out behind you? Better keep moving forward to the next lamp!


Lights On

All of the scary things you saw in the dark actually turn out not to be that bad!


Safe and Sound

Making it all the way to your parents' room is quite the feat, especially when it was so dark out there.

Close Project


The whole team had a great time working on the game.