The Ferryman


HTC Vive (Virtual Reality)

My Role:

Game Designer, Artist, Producer


Nidhi Ramanathan (Artist, Game Designer)

Zhiguo Lai (Programmer, Game Designer)

Matthew Bofenkamp (Programmer, Game Designer)

Yuki Cheng (Sound Designer, Game Designer)


The prompt for this project was to create an experience with a moving story. The result of that project is The Ferryman, a VR experience that incorporates several Vive trackers for real-world props.

The Ferryman puts guests into the role of Charon, ferryman of the River Styx in Greek mythology.  As Charon, they must guide one particular soul (belonging to a man named Theo) across the river and to the afterlife.  Theo, naturally, isn't content with his current state, but when visions his family's future appear along the river, he realizes his impact on their lives and comes to term with his death.




Theo's Demise

When Theo first arrives at the River Styx, he doesn't understand why he's there. A vision of his own death convinces him that his situation is real, but he's not happy with it.


Paying the Toll

With nothing left to do but pay the toll to cross the river, Theo hands the guest (as Charon) a coin. After this transaction, he boards Charon's boat for the brief journey to the other side.


Down the River

A real prop is used in this experience to give the guest the feeling of pushing the boat along the river.


A Haunting Landscape

The underworld is not an inviting place. This landscape features jagged rocks, ghostly trees, and mysterious waters with a thick fog blanketing all.


Seeing Visions

Lanterns along the river give Theo a chance to see events in his family's future. Though things initially look bleak, the family presses on. Theo is distraught he can't be there to help them.

Close Project

The Other Side

The last vision Theo sees finally gives him hope. Though he can't be there for his family, he sees that his noble actions in the past have led his children to carry on his legacy, telling his story to their own children.