Dungeon Putter


Vive (Virtual Reality)/PC

My Role:

Game Designer, Artist, Programmer


Solo Project


Dungeon Putter is a game I created for an assignment in my Game Design class. It was designed as a combination of dungeon crawler and mini-golfing game. Players take control of a team of three mini-golf balls that each have unique classes and abilities. To gain access to the hole at the end of the stage, players must use their abilities to defeat all of the enemies on the course.

Play the game




Putt to Victory

Face off against deadly enemies and tricky terrain as you putt your team of balls around.


Special Abilities

Use each ball's special abilities to turn the tide of battle.


Making Par

Just like in normal mini-golf, you have to get yours balls into the hole at the end of the course to win!


Putting Out Fires

Who needs a fire department when you've got the power of rain in your hands? The local islanders have nothing to fear with the weather god on their side.


Pirate Invasion

As the weather god, putting your hands together creates lightning. This comes in handy when facing off against invading pirates!

Close Project

The Volcano Erupts!

There's just no break for these poor islanders, is there? After pirates, fires, and droughts, the only thing left to fear is a volcano eruption!