Buns Out!


Board Game

My Role:

Game Designer, Playtester


Joey Yeo (Game Designer, Artist)

Sherry Fan (Game Designer)

Julian Ochoa (Game Designer)

Muhammad Bin Tahir Mir (Game Designer, Artist)

Ava Tan (Game Designer)


This game was designed for the 2018 PIGDA Board Game Jam.  The team had less than 24 hours to create a board game based on the theme of "Freedom".

"Buns Out!" is a competitive burger-stacking game in which up to four players compete to create burgers that match recipes.  One at a time, players add and remove ingredients from one of two burgers on the board.  Each player has a recipe card that says exactly what they must have (and must not have) on their burger.



The Rules

You can see here our first iteration of the rules. We tried to keep the game as simple as possible for a few reasons. First of all, we all agreed that some of our favorite board games were the easy to pick up, hard to master type, so that's what we tried to design. Second, easier rules means the game is easier to playtest (which means more playtesting, which means a better game!)



As you can see, our brainstorming process was all over the place! We tried to go for a "Yes, and" approach, which meant more ideas to pull from for the final product.


The Team

We all had a lot of fun designing the game (even though our team might have been a bit too big).


The Final Product

Here you can see our final product, including the board, ingredient cards, tool cards, recipe cards, and instructions.