HTC Vive (Virtual Reality)

My Role:

Game Designer, Artist, Co-Producer


Shana Joseph (Artist, Game Designer)

Joey Yeo (Programmer, Game Designer)

Sherry Fan (Programmer, Game Designer)

Kristian Tchetchko (Sound Designer, Game Designer, Co-Producer)


The final project for Buidling Virtual Worlds was meant to be a culmination of everything else learned throughout the semester. Our goal was to create something fun and interesting that could be shown at the ETC's end of the year showcase.

Beat'Em is a rhythm -action game in which guests punch and kick at robots to the beat of music. It's designed as an arcade experience so that multiple people could play it in a short amount of time.  An online leaderboard for the game was created so guests could see how their scores stacked up against others.




Perfect Hit!

The goal in Beat'Em is to punch robots to the beat of music. In order to get a "Perfect" hit, guests needed to punch the robots with the right colored glove on the beat of the music. Hitting mutliple robots without missing builds up a combo and multiplier, giving even more points to those doing well!


Matching Colors

Hitting a robot with the wrong colored glove (or not hitting one at all) will result in a miss. Not only will the guest miss out on points from that robot, but their combo and multiplier are also reset. In other words, if you want a high score, don't miss!


Kicking Bots

Some robots will be much lower than others. These ones (always colored yellow) must be kicked away!


You're Surrounded!

Sometimes, purple robots will come after you from all directions at once. If this happens, you can cross your arms to make an "X", then release the position. This sends out a shockwave that'll knock away all of the purple bots!


Getting Tricky

Robots may also come in different patterns. Here, we see two robots coming in at once! It's important to pay attention to what's coming up so you can be prepared for anything.

Close Project

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

When designing a game for a showcase experience, we knew it would be important to involve the crowd. Adding spectator cameras and DMX lighting that responds to the game allowed for everyone nearby to have fun as well.