AstroCo: 499 Days Since Last Accident


HTC Vive (Virtual Reality)

My Role:

Game Designer, Artist, Co-Producer


Liam Philiben (Co-Producer, Sound Designer, Game Designer)

Min Pan (Artist, Game Designer)

Chang Liu (Programmer, Game Designer)

Saumya Lahera (Programmer, Game Designer)


In this first project for the Building Virtual Worlds course, our prompt was to create a world in which you help Character A who's afraid of Character B. 

In this game, you play as the new laser operator in an asteroid mining facility.  When an alien emerges from one of the asteroids, it's up to you to use all of the tools at your disposal to help your co-worker escape! 




First Day on the Job

Welcome to your new job at AstroCo, the galaxy's premiere asteroid-mining company. You have access to all of the tools you need to break apart asteroids (and hopefully stop anything else that may come after you!).


The Alien Emerges!

What seems like a normal day on the job is interrupted when an alien emerges from what looked like a normal asteroid. Soon after, the facility's power goes out. When it's restored, the alien has escaped and infiltrated the entire facility.


Charging the Teleporter

Your coworker needs to escape from the alien, but it look's like the facility's teleporter is out of power. Luckily, it can be charged by holding a button. Unluckily, the alien won't make it easy for you to do that.


On the Offensive

In order for the teleporter to work, your coworker must remain still. That's not easy with the alien coming after him, but you can use the facility's laser to stop it from reaching him.


Almost Charged

The green canisters fill as you charge the teleporter. Once they're all filled, the teleporter should be able to get your co-worker out of danger.

Close Project

Close Encounters

Not content with going just after your co-worker, the alien eventually makes a move for you! Make sure to hit the tentacles out of the way so that you can keep working!